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III. Past

A rant for 2017.

This has been brewing in me for a long time, but has been roiling since 2013, and with the most recent election...

Fellow cis-gendered, heterosexual white males and anyone who can claim any one of the aforementioned zero-effort trophies:

If there's one thing I can't stand, it is the whiney voice of the privileged white hetero male claiming they are somehow the victim in this culture. The amount of entitlement I hear coming from the mouths of straight, white, cis-gendered men is astonishing. How much more do you want at the expense of others who aren't like you?

Collectively: our demographic is essentially the same prissy whiney character played by Molly Ringwald in The Breakfast Club. And that's the whitest analogy I can think of, so I'm sure you'll get it.

If you have white privilege and you want to comment on racism: don't. If you have male privilege and you want to comment on sexism: don't. If you have financial privilege and want to comment on class: don't. If you have hetero privilege and want to comment on gay marriage: don't. If you have breeder privilege and want to tell childless people their opinions are less relevant: don't.

This is NOT censorship, that favorite tired argument of the k=1 thinker. If you think it is censorship, here's a redo of highschool that you slept through: Censorship is about systematically oppressing the speech of marginalized peoples through institutions of power. White men have have been dominating the arena of discussion for centuries, especially rich white men.

Fellow honkeys, it is time to step aside and stop talking.

I know what you're going to say, you've been dropping the same predictable and whiney arguments for centuries. I know every argument your sad libertarian mind--which thinks it is being clever and novel--is going to make about: safe spaces, Black Lives Matter, the Invisible Hand, poverty, institutional sexism, harassment, the myth of the self-made man... You and your arguments are boring, predictable--so very predictable--and you need to SHUT THE FUCK UP for once and let people with experience in these matters have the floor and make policy. Is it really hard to just stop talking? You have absolutely nothing new to say on matters you are not demographically affected by and yet you own, by default, every possible outlet for your opinins and every possible mechanism for silencing others.

So please, get over here with me, we'll all shut our collective pie-holes, and we will cede the floor to the people we've been oppressing for centuries. The fear you are feeling is justified: you've been oppressing minorities for so long you fear they will treat you the same way should they ever obtain any power.

You and I have been playing life on the easiest setting possible, and giving up some of that unfair handicap isn't victimization, it is compassion, empathy, justice, and belief in the society we have all agreed to be part of, voluntarily (as an immigrant) or involuntarily (since no one had a choice in the matter of being born American).

End rant.